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Extension springs are designed to offer resistance to pulling forces as well as to absorb and store energy. At R S Spring, we provide our customers with a wide range of high grade extension springs. These extension coil springs can be provided in varying lengths and degrees of tension as per the various pulling forces. We provide a standard range of extension springs in hook and crossover loop ends. We also have the capability to design and manufacture springs of specific dimensions according to client's industrial requirement. We manufacture extension coil springs to meet the load capacities in diverse applications.

Important factor

There should be some mechanical limit on how far the spring can be extended. Otherwise, the spring will lose its shape and will not return to its initial condition with all coils closed. Extension springs operating in a high-temperature environment may have to be coiled extra-tight, as the heat will tend to weaken the spring.Therefore, we manufacture extension coils springs using materials that have lesser elasticity and more endurance level.

Material used :
  • Spring Steel or Equivalent International Standards
  • Stainless Steel Wire or Equivalent International Standards
  • Phosphorus Bronze Wire Equivalent International Standards
  • ETP Copper Wire Equivalent International Standards
or As per customer requirement

End Types : Closed and Ground or as per customer requirement

Capacity of springs : Spring Load – 2 gms to 5 ton

Wire Diameter : 0.10 MM To 10.00 MM

Applications :
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Window Components
  • Lawn And Garden Equipment
  • OEM Applications
Extension Springs

Extension Springs
Extension Springs

Extension Springs
Extension Springs


Our Product Range